Once Upon A Skinny Mom

I really want to do squats and lunges for the butt and thighs, but, either I’m not doing it right or my knees are suffering. They don’t feel like they support the movements or my weight right.

Does toning the muscles in my legs help alleviate that, or am I simply doing it wrong?

“Please don't eat under your BMR! Your body needs fuel, especially if you're breast feeding your sweet baby (OMG he is beautiful, congrats!) You're small, but you still need more than 1200 calories a day. Try finding your TDEE instead and then create a deficit with your workouts and eating a little bit under your TDEE (but not under your BMR).”


1200 calories is a just a guideline to aim for. But, realistically, I know that extra calories find their way into my intake by not measuring perfectly or giving myself wiggle room for another snack if I need it. And, also, I won’t be calculating veggies into my intake. If I’m still hungry, I certainly won’t let myself starve and I have my prenatal vitamins for breastfeeding. If I find some time to work out between trying to sleep and taking care of kids, I will add on an extra banana or a piece of toast with almond butter. :)

Haha. Thanks! My uterus did a pretty good job! xD

Thank you! I appreciate the friendly criticism! If I’m ever off track or doing something wrong, I hope you find the time to point it out again, with or without the anon picture. That’s the point of this fitblr, for me. For the support!

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