Once Upon A Skinny Mom
So, I jumped on my brand new scale today…

And weighed myself five times throughout the day, just to see if the number was pretty consistent. According to my scale, I weigh 124.2lbs! That was just from making better food choices and drinking a little more water. Granted, I’m sure most of it was water weight, by.. hey… why ruin the momentum of motivation?

First goal weight? CHECK! <3<3<3

It&#8217;s the only way to have a healthy body!

Soup is on, baby!

I just got my new scale and speed jump rope in the mail today! I can’t wait to start using both of them! I wish I still had my heart-rate monitor, but that was stolen by the ex. Guess I’ll have to save up for one of those next.

I’m going to rock the cardio, now, even without the gym most days. :D


Boredom is my weakness. It makes me eat more than I’m hungry for and makes me feel sluggish and lazy all day. I need to get another job…   :-/

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